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Hare the appointments confidential whatever the reason for the consultation ? 

Whatever the reason for the consultation, the clinic respects the confidentiality of its clients according to the standards of the professional code and the youth protection law.


This therefore means that we must respect the confidentiality of any information of a confidential nature that comes to our knowledge in the exercise of our profession. It can only be released from professional secrecy with the authorization of our clients or when the law so orders or authorizes it by an express provision.


However, certain circumstances oblige us to lift confidentiality. Among other things, we are under an obligation to “communicate information in order to prevent an act of violence, including suicide, when there is reasonable cause to believe that a serious risk of death or serious injury threatens a person. or an identifiable group of people and the nature of the threat inspires a sense of urgency”. (Article 64, professional code)


We must also report to the Director of Youth Protection if we have reasonable cause to believe that the safety or development of a child [of whom we have knowledge] is or may be considered to be in danger. (Articles 39 and 39.1 Youth Protection Act).

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