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Learn how to meditate

Beyond the Surface: Exploring the Deep Dimensions of Mind and Consciousness

Do you have a hard time starting a meditation practice, even though you know it would make a difference in handling the chaos of life’s ebb and flow?
Based on recognized scientific approaches and research, come learn methods and techniques for entraining your brain and body to be coherent in supporting the manifestation of health and wellbeing.

Online classes start April 26, 2024 at 6:30PM and run for 6 weeks. 

You will learn : 

  1. How to trade the hormones of stress for hormones of well-being

  2. How anchor thoughts that empower you and shed the ones that do not

  3. How to consistently generate potent and powerful emotions to increase you attraction factor

  4. How to eliminate procrastination and be in action on dreams and goals that matter

  5. How meditation can assist the re-engineering of your brain and body to make lasting changes in habits

  6. And much more!

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